Why people support a Protected Cycle Lane


My petition to show the support for the proposed Protected Cycle Lane between Roseburn & Haymarket has created quite a stir.

Over 800 people have now signed it and I wanted to share with you some of the over 250 comments by people about why they did this.

These are not just people signing something they don’t understand, these are people who have read the consultation and understand the impact it could have on our city.

Full petition supporting proposals

Here is just a selection of the comments

Barrier to cycling

“A safe direct cycle route will increase active travel, reduce congestion and pollution, and increase business activity. This has been shown in many cities across the world and Edinburgh can follow these examples.”  John Wood

“I would like to be able to cycle into the city centre. At the moment i drive any time I go as there is not a safe route to cycle.” Ron Yeats

“I strongly support this proposal. My significant  other (who is not confident cycling on busy roads) refuses to cycle into the city from our home in Coltbridge due to issues with reaching the existing cycle route (Balbirnie Place), with crossing of the tram-tracks and with the convergence of trams, buses and cars at Haymarket. I’ve shown her the proposal and she has indicated that it would be enough to get her on her bike! ” Ivan Rochford

Tram tracks / convoluted alternative

“I  am not a cyclist but can see the obvious merits of the Roseburn-West Coates Protected Cycle Route. I live in a neighbourhood close to the proposed route where children already cycle to school via Roseburn. The proposed route is also used by many adult cyclist in this small residential area. The extensive housing development at Devon Place surrounded by large offices raises further the need for a protected route. The arguments made by local shopkeepers re delivery and loss of business  is not convincing. This proposal avoids the obvious dangers of cyclists crossing tram lines. Surely the priority ought to be to encourage safer cycling.    ”  Helen Petrie

“NCN 1 between Roseburn and Haymarket is scary and convoluted. The direct route proposed is far superior. Morever modifying the road layout will make things more pleasant for pedestrians due to reduced traffic speeds and increased separation from motor vehicles” David Nutter

“I welcome any way of avoiding the dangerous tramlines at Haymarket and on Princes Street”  Morag Haddow

“I would regularly use the Roseburn to Haymarket section but tend not to use the existing wiggling route because it is slow and the trams and tram lines make it even slower. Instead I use the main road but a segregated cycle path would be far better, especially as I cycle with children.” Elspeth Bleakley

“To work the bike route needs to be direct. When you are using your legs for propulsion detours are not palatable. ”  Stephen McGoldrick



“I live locally and I’ve shopped there by car precisely once (to collect an order) – the rest of the time the current layout is a disincentive to shop there, making it harder to visit both sides of the street and in general a noisy, traffic-rackety experience. When my child is walking rather than in a pushchair it will become a scary hazard rather than a nice place to shop (running out into busy traffic). Slowing down traffic and making more space available for slow users like bikes and pedestrians can only enhance the amenity of the road. ” Livia Marchant

“Definitely respect that change can be hard and I’m sure I’d be a little nervous as a local shop owner. But in the long run this project is definitely the right thing to do for so many reasons – active travel is good for personal well-being, public health, and the environment. I live in Haymarket and never visit the Roseburn shops, but making it easier to bike there would definitely encourage me!”  Chris Paton

“Cycle routes like the one being proposed are more likely to enhance small businesses – this is one of the better studies available because of its time span: http://www.cleanairpartnership.org/files/BikeLanes_Parking_Business_BloorWestVillage.pdf ” Andrew Farrall

“This will enhance the area, and make it more attractive to pedestrians who  unlike motorists will look in shop windows and be enticed in”  Joan Wilson

“This is the best thing that could happen to Edinburgh. One only has to look at other European cities that have removed private vehicle traffic from their city centres in favour of public transport and cycling/pedestrian ways, that the fears of some about not being able to park right outside the store they want to visit will be detrimental to consumerism, is unfounded.”  Janos

“I would love to be able to cycle directly and safely from the east end of the city centre to Haymarket and to the shops in Roseburn.  I never shop there now as it is a hostile environment for pedestrians and cyclists.” Verity


Pollution, Congestion & Health Benefits

“There is already significant congestion and pollution from cars along this route, these proposals will actually do something to reduce this problem.”  Sandy Wito

“Let’s save lives from pollution and car crashes…build this life saver lane!” Louise Paterson

“Protected cycle lanes are good for people, good for business, good for the NHS, good for the environment. Let’s be the change we want to see.” Elise Acheson

Cycling as Transport

“People need to change their attitudes about cycling as a viable mode of transport. Cars and trucks have had it their  own way for too long. I regularly cycle or drive or walk to Roseburn and Haymarket to visit hairdressers and Sandwich shops. Much better by bike, but I’m so aware of the dangers on the road at present.” Laura Chessar

“Edinburgh is long overdue the type of segregated cycle infrastructure now appearing all over London. If Edinburgh and indeed Scotland wish to see cycling normalised and not restricted to a tiny minority of the public, routes and infrastructure such as described here are essential. The worst section of my daily commute from Edinburgh is using the facilities in this area as they currently exist (being indirect and running parallel to tram lines in places). Good cycle infrastructure, supported by good local cycle parking will increase the footfall of shoppers to local businesses rather than reduce it.”  Gary Cummins

“Studies show that in a situation like this traffic does NOT simply become every more congested, but tends to marginally disappear. Drivers use other routes or change transport modes. The easier and more attractive it becomes to cycle to more people will cycle. That’s been demonstrated time and again. It will also benefit pedestrians by adding distance between them and polluting vehicle exhausts. ” Paul Milne

“The safer it is for cyclists on the roads the more likely it is people will abandon their cars and start to use their bikes. I include myself in this. We need more cycle paths. Less pollution and a healthier public as a result. ” Jan Gilmour


Why people support a Protected Cycle Lane