Ride the Route – 29th Aug 8am



The Edinburgh East-West City Centre Cycle route goes to the Transport & Environment Committee (TEC) on Tuesday 30th August.

The proposals would give a safe route through the City and encourage many to switch to a healthy, pollution free method of transport.

To ensure that the importance of these proposals is understood, we are inviting members of the TEC, local Cllrs and press to join us in ‘Riding the Route’ on Monday 29th August.



We’ll gather on the West side of Charlotte Square at 7.45am and ride (walking is allowed & bikes can be provided) to Roseburn.

If you want to show your support for the scheme, please ‘Ride the Route’ on Monday as well and tweet/blog/Facebook your experience – please use #OptionA. Here’s our Facebook Event if you want to tell us you’re coming or want to invite your friends.

A group will be setting off from Charlotte Square at 8am and following the route to Roseburn. Please join this if you can or make your own way in your own time.

If you see the front group (including my stripey tandem) give us a wave and a ding ding as you pass.

Please make sure you show your support for the best Option in Roseburn, Option A which gives a safe, direct route.

In the mean time please contact your Councillors and make sure they know your views.


More information about the proposals and their importance can be found on the Roseburn Cycle Route Website

The council’s paper to the Transport & Environment Committee is here

Ride the Route – 29th Aug 8am

3 thoughts on “Ride the Route – 29th Aug 8am

  1. Good idea. Are you also planning to have coffee in Roseburn Terrace at the end? There is quite a choice from the more solid cooked breakfast in the Roseburn cafe to lighter meals in Vigo and the sandwich shops.


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